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Attention to detail

You see a lot of things most people have on their work desk, but its what you don't see that's important. You don't see dust on the computer screen, coffee rings, out right disorder.

It can be so frustrating to have a commercial cleaning company that lacks attention to detail. Commercial companies focus more on hiring sub-contractors and less on providing first class cleaning services. Companies don't focus on dress right dress when cleaning facilities, it is often the small details like closing blinds, pushing their chairs back under the desk, when even mop chair mats of weekly.

We had a Practice manager leave her office open even though she stated she would never do when we started the contract due to personnel file. Actually she was out of the office that day and her assistant left the door opened in error. Our team knew something was wrong so they messaged me through our communication system where I then instructed then to take photos of how her office was when they found it.

They took the pictures, provided a courtesy cleaned and insured the office was locked before leaving the facility. When the practice manager returned to work we had already emailed her pictures and documentation outlining finding her office unlocked. We was so grateful we didn't leave the office unlocked! We love to make ourf clients HAPPY.

What attention to detail task really make you know your cleaning company values your business?

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May 28, 2021

Attention to detail can be what gets you the best clients. Like the perfect evening dress the final perfect touches make the "look" and those small important details make your business the one that will be hired!

Kinzua Environmental

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